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We now offer two ways to get Brass Bonanza ring tones and sounds onto your mobile phone. With so many new phones offering direct download from your PC, we are offering direct downloads from the site. Download a clip to your PC by right clicking on the green download icon and selecting “Save As…”. Then, simply upload it to your phone and enjoy! Oh, and you haven’t been scared awake until the alarm clip blasts from your phone at 5am. 🙂

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  [audio:|titles=Brass Bonanza Alarm]  
  [audio:|titles=Brass Bonanza Ringtone]  

For those unable to load files directly on to your phone, we suggest you utilize’s free service. The link below will allow you to send Brass Bonanza to any cell phone through Myxertones. While we are not affiliated with Myxertones, we encourage you to give them a try.

[send as ringtone] Send Brass Bonanza to Your Phone using MyxerTones.

We also have these mobile wallpapers available (right-click and save image to your computer):

One thought on “Mobile Ringers and Wallpapers

  1. I was so excited to finally be able to download The Hartford Whalers “Brass Bonanza” to my cell phone as a ring tone. I have Brass Bonanza as my default ring tone so I get to hear it EVERY SINGLE TIME my phone rings and when it does, I wanna jump up out of my chair (until I realize that I’m driving my truck and I can’t) and it brings back so many nostalgic memories that I deeply miss. I live in Springfield and I was a big fan of the Whalers and I had so much resentment to Karmanos for not keeping the team in Hartford where they belonged, but I hope that Hartford will again realize how important the National Hockey League is to the fans in the Hartford/Springfield area and that we would like to have our Whalers back again.

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