Kaiton’s Kalls

Chuck Kaiton was the radio play-by-play announcer for the Hartford Whalers beginning with their entry into the NHL during the 1979-80 season up through their final game in Hartford in 1997. Below are some great calls by Chuck which were generously provided to BrassBonanza.com by Bob Joyce, longtime producer of Hartford Whalers Hockey on the Whalers Radio Network; and Steve Morgen.

Listen Title Date Courtesy
Chuck Kaiton calls a Paul Coffey goal n/a Steve Morgen
Russ Cortnall game winner n/a Bob Joyce
Babych ties the game. n/a Bob Joyce
Lemieux’s game winner n/a Bob Joyce
Mark Howe, 2 goals as Civic Center reopens 1980-02-?? Bob Joyce
Collage of 11-0 win over Edmonton 1984-02-12 Bob Joyce
All Star game winner at the Hartford Civic Center 1986-02-06 Bob Joyce
Turgeon game winner in game 1 vs. Quebec 1986-04-?? Bob Joyce
McPhee steals the puck for a shorthanded goal 1986-04-29 Bob Joyce
Quinville game winner, season opener vs. Calgary 1986-10-11 Bob Joyce
Final seconds, division clincher vs. Rangers 1987-04-?? Bob Joyce
Ron Francis @ Boston 1990-11-23 Bob Joyce
Kaiton does Tarzan!! @ Minnesota 1992-02-29 Bob Joyce
Turcotte game winner vs. Montreal 1995-04-14 Bob Joyce
Wesley opens the scoring, to make it 1-0 at the final game. 1997-04-13 Bob Joyce
Dineen makes it 2-0 at the final game. 1997-04-13 Bob Joyce
  Kaiton calls the final Whalers goal, by Dineen 1997-04-13 Steve Morgen
Burke’s saves at the final game. 1997-04-13 Bob Joyce
Kaiton’s final comments… 1997-04-13 Bob Joyce

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