Recent Additions

Today, we deployed two new additions to the site.

We now have an In The News page. This page will display Hartford Whalers-related news from around the web, courtesy of Google.

We have also added Hartford Whalers and Brass Bonanza related videos to the Whalers Video page. These videos are pulled from Google Video and allow for dynamic searching and uploads.

Our other current active projects include adding news headlines to the home page and getting additional audio clips up on the site (which seems to take us forever). We’ve heard the requests for the answering machine clips and the extended fight clip – they’re coming soon!

2 thoughts on “Recent Additions

  1. I love your site!

    I have a question, I saw you this day in Whalers history series of audios and was wondering if there was a transcribed version of those somewhere out there?

    Thank you!

  2. Thanks! The “This Day in Whalers NHL History” audio was generously donated by Bob Joyce and we’re not aware of transcripts being available (but we’d love to add them to the site if you find the time to create them!). 🙂

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