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RIP Jack Say

Jack Say (1922-2017)
Jack Say has passed away in Belgium. He was 94.

Known to friends and family as Jacques Ysaye, he used Jack Say as a pseudonym. He arranged and composed a song titled “Evening Beat“, which he sold to a record library. This song was renamed by editors to “Brass Bonanza”, went on to become the much-loved Whalers theme song, and the rest is history.

Rest in peace, Jacques. Your music continues to bring smiles to Whalers fans and beyond…

20 Years Without the Whale

With the continued popularity of Whalers merchandise, I regularly see people sporting the blue and green. Whether it’s a new Whalers t-shirt or a vintage hat, the spirit of the Whalers lives on. Perhaps this is why I find it hard to believe 20 years have passed since the team left Hartford. Perhaps it’s because I don’t live in Hartford anymore or maybe it’s simply because the memories remain so strong. Whatever the reason, I feel like I was in the company of cheering Whalers fans just the other day and I remain hopeful the NHL will eventually find a route back to Hartford.

There’s not much to say about the Whalers that hasn’t already been said. Even though we suffered through many frustrating losses, the Whalers gave us something to talk about. They gave us a sense of community, a sense of belonging. Whether it’s the transition from the WHA, the roof collapse, the Adams Division championship, the final game, or Whalers appreciation night… all we can say is, “Thanks for the Memories”.

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Gordie Howe Passes Away

Gordie Howe, Mr. Hockey, Dead at 88.
Gordie Howe, Mr. Hockey, Dead at 88.

Gordie Howe, affectionately known as Mr. Hockey, passed away early in the morning on June 10, 2016. After 25 seasons with Detroit and 3 with Houston, he came to Hartford and played for the WHA New England Whalers from 1977-1979, making the transition back to the NHL with the Hartford Whalers before retiring in 1980 at age 51. He played 214 games in Hartford, where his #9 banner hangs from the rafters of the arena.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to the Howe family.

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Memories… 19 Years Strong

It’s hard to believe it’s been 19 years since the Hartford Whalers played their final game. While I was not fortunate enough to be at the final game, I remember watching it on TV (from deep within Bruins’ country!) and listening to highlights from the Whalers Radio Network broadcast. Watching the end of that final game still brings out deep emotions, but as Chuck Kaiton so rightly said, “you may have lost the NHL, but you have not lost the memories.”

Listen to Chuck Kaiton’s final comments from the Whalers’ final game:
[audio:|titles=Chuck Kaiton’s Final Comments]

Whalers Scratch Games

Whalers Scratch TicketThe CT Lottery has just released a new Hartford Whalers scratch game! There are over $2.3 million in cash prizes, including 24 prizes of $1,979 (the year the Whalers entered the NHL – clever!). Remember, you can’t win if you don’t play! 🙂

While the chances of an NHL team returning to Hartford are diminishing, it’s great to see the Hartford Whalers brand continue to live on. Whalers merchandise continues to be a hot seller and Brass Bonanza still plays loud and proud across various sports (and weddings). Speaking of which, don’t forget to start your holiday shopping early by visiting our Whalers Gift Shop for all your branded merchandise needs! All sales made through our site generate referral fees which help defray our hosting costs.

Fenway Park Announcer Carl Beane has Died

Carl Beane, the public address announcer at Fenway Park, has died after a car crash in Sturbridge, MA May 9. Our thoughts and prayers are with Carl’s family during this difficult time. Fenway Park will no doubt never be the same and it will take time to adjust to a new voice announcing Red Sox games at the park. Carl, you will be greatly missed!

And yes, that is a vintage Hartford Whalers “Home at Last” sticker (from the days of the ’91 Club) on the back of Carl’s clipboard in the picture.

For That Special Someone

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Happy Holidays!

Congratulations, Winnipeg!

Congratulations to all the fans in Winnipeg on the return of an NHL team! While the time may not yet be right for Hartford, the dedication and enthusiasm shown by the fans in Winnipeg are an inspiration for those in Hartford. It can happen. The NHL can return. If the television ratings from Game 1 of the Stanley Cup playoffs are any indication, Hartford’s interest in hockey is growing, which is great to see. Please continue to support the Connecticut Whale and some day what we’re seeing in Winnipeg may just happen in Hartford!