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20 Years Without the Whale

With the continued popularity of Whalers merchandise, I regularly see people sporting the blue and green. Whether it’s a new Whalers t-shirt or a vintage hat, the spirit of the Whalers lives on. Perhaps this is why I find it hard to believe 20 years have passed since the team left Hartford. Perhaps it’s because I don’t live in Hartford anymore or maybe it’s simply because the memories remain so strong. Whatever the reason, I feel like I was in the company of cheering Whalers fans just the other day and I remain hopeful the NHL will eventually find a route back to Hartford.

There’s not much to say about the Whalers that hasn’t already been said. Even though we suffered through many frustrating losses, the Whalers gave us something to talk about. They gave us a sense of community, a sense of belonging. Whether it’s the transition from the WHA, the roof collapse, the Adams Division championship, the final game, or Whalers appreciation night… all we can say is, “Thanks for the Memories”.

Whale Bowl

Whale Bowl 2011 is in the books and by most accounts, it was a great success. Despite frigid temperatures, fans tailgated in the parking lot and cheered from the stands. Hopefully fans continue to show their support for Hartford hockey and prove once and for all to the NHL that Hartford is hockey country.

Check out these highlights from Whale Bowl:

New Content Added

It has been some time, but thanks to contributions from some fans out there, we’ve got a bunch of new content to add to the site throughout the year.

First, we’ve added a new page called A Season to Celebrate. The page currently hosts a “One Goal Away”, a video tribute done by SportsChannel regarding the Whalers’ Adams Division Championship season. Also on that page is a great 25 minute audio piece about the Whalers’ championship season. Check them out!

Two small audio clips have also been added. A copy of Brass Bonanza from NHL ’94 can be found on our Brass Bonanza page. The famous Whale clip from Mall Rats can now be found on our Ladies and Gentlemen… page. Enjoy!

Recent Additions

Today, we deployed two new additions to the site.

We now have an In The News page. This page will display Hartford Whalers-related news from around the web, courtesy of Google.

We have also added Hartford Whalers and Brass Bonanza related videos to the Whalers Video page. These videos are pulled from Google Video and allow for dynamic searching and uploads.

Our other current active projects include adding news headlines to the home page and getting additional audio clips up on the site (which seems to take us forever). We’ve heard the requests for the answering machine clips and the extended fight clip – they’re coming soon!