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Recent Additions

Today, we deployed two new additions to the site.

We now have an In The News page. This page will display Hartford Whalers-related news from around the web, courtesy of Google.

We have also added Hartford Whalers and Brass Bonanza related videos to the Whalers Video page. These videos are pulled from Google Video and allow for dynamic searching and uploads.

Our other current active projects include adding news headlines to the home page and getting additional audio clips up on the site (which seems to take us forever). We’ve heard the requests for the answering machine clips and the extended fight clip – they’re coming soon!

Number Eleven

Number ElevenIt’s April 13, but can you believe it’s already 2008? Eleven years ago today, the final Hartford Whalers game was played at the Hartford Civic Center. Hockey as we loved it ended, but Brass Bonanza and the great memories have lived on. The amazing thing is how the cult following behind Brass Bonanza has grown over the past few years. We want thank all of you who visit the site for your Whalers fix and hope you’ll keep coming back for many years to come. A special thank you goes out to those who have contributed content over the years – it’s folks like you who keep the site unique and fresh and for that we thank you!

During the off season, we’ll be cleaning out our archives and posting a number of pictures and sounds that people have sent us over the years (yes, we’re that far behind in getting things up on the site). We plan to finish the photo gallery and re-open the Whalers Team Store where unique Whalers items will be offered for sale. Stay tuned!

Problem with Comments Fixed

It was brought to our attention that users were unable to post comments on our site. Apparently, there was a bad configuration setting that required users to register before leaving comments… but the site was not allowing new registrations! This is all fixed, so feel free to post your comments on any of our pages.

Discovered After 11 Years

It was April 1997, and the Hartford Whalers Team Store was in the process of shutting down. Most Whalers merchandise went quickly, as die hard fans knew it would be difficult to find authentic Whalers merchandise once the team packed up after the final game. Looking for a deal, my brother walked into the gift shop and looked around at what was left. He spotted something behind the counter and walked up to the clerk. Twenty bucks later, the item was his.

Now, after years in storage, we have uncovered what we consider a great find. The original answering machine (still working!) from the Hartford Whalers Team Store, complete with authentic outgoing message and numerous incoming messages left by customers in the final months. We’re in the process of getting these recorded and will have clips in the coming week!

A Brass Bonanza Remix?

I stumbled upon an old cassette tape this afternoon which is mostly filled with random songs and clips from Craig and Company, the morning show on 96.5 WTIC-FM in Hartford. Much to my surprise, one of the clips features what sounds like a remixed version of Brass Bonanza in the background. Go take a listen for yourself on our Brass Bonanza audio page (scroll to the bottom). The recording is from October 8, 1991 – the day of the home opener against Montreal.

On another historical note, here is what the associated press had to say the next day, October 9, 1991: Whalers Rally to Tie Canadiens – Mark Hunter and Rob Brown scored power-play goals in the second period to give the Whalers a 2-2 tie with Montreal last night in Hartford’s home opener. In the first period, the Canadiens took a 2-0 lead on goals by Kirk Muller and Russ Courtnall, but the Whalers scored on two of three second-period power plays.


The dust is still settling, but welcome to the new Brass Bonanza .com!

We are the original and the only web site dedicated to the famed theme of the Hartford Whalers, Brass Bonanza. This site was started back in 1995 as a means for satisfying the numerous requests I was receiving for copies of Brass Bonanza.

Over the years this site has evolved from providing a download of Brass Bonanza to today’s offering of numerous audio and video clips from Whalers past, as well as pictures and other great finds. Most of the content on this site is exclusive to Brass and has largely been donated to us by numerous Whalers personalities and fans. We thank you for helping to keep the spirit alive and ask that you send users here rather than re-posting content on another site.

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